Dan lives in Prostějov (Czech Republic) but grew up in Orlová, where his world views were shaped by the post-atmosphere of a miner town's decay and its societal consequences on one hand, with a vibrant anarchopunk community on the other. 

He has previously been and is still involved in different grass roots collectives working on social / environmental / cultural / human and animal rights projects.  

Dan has made various kinds of noises in the following bands and "musical" projects, past and present: Marne, Teh(A)nu, Hledání, Rosa Parks, Tupak Amaru, Aralkum, Tyranie Identity, Kahkashan, Hibakusha, A.V.T.K.S.N.S., Sedmá generace, Tárn and some other obscure stuff. 

Straddled among many worlds, but deeply rooted in an underground do-it-yourself culture. Trying to learn everyday.